Well 2018 is almost over. What did we do this last month?

Of course we had our Christmas raffle [winners were announced in an earlier post], but what else have we been up to?

Our Richmond Minions Friday Food club is still going strong. We still meet almost every Friday at noon. We did have some adult crafts this month after food club.

Making suet feeders

December, 7th the adults did a Christmas tree craft, December 14th & 21st , they made suet bird feeders. After we made the suet feeders we played around with Christmas props.

Trees we made
Christmas props

The story time kids made Christmas trees too.

The kids made Christmas crafts on December 19th. We had 4 different crafts for them to make. Make one or make them all, it was their choice.

Kids with crafts

Last of for 2018? The kids made slime on December 26th. The kids really, really seem to like making slime, so we make it multiple times during the year.

We has a wonderful holiday! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Richmond Public Library.

Lets see what we do in the new year!

From The Richmond Public Library

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