Richmond City Hall – 785-835-6425

109 E. Central/ P.O. Box 174

City Hall will be closed for most Federal Holidays

City Council Meetings: 2nd  Wednesday of each month @ 7:00 PM

City Hall Hours:

Monday- Thursday

8:30 AM – 5:00 PM


8:30 AM – 12:00 PM

For Emergencies call -785-336-4161

Richmond City Employees:

Jim Bass- City Maintenance/ Water & Sewer

Austin Edens- City Maintenance

Blake Anderson– City Code Enforcement Officer

Dealy Sims- City Clerk

Marcia Springer– Treasurer

Current City of Richmond Mayor:

Mayor: Peg Pearson [2025]

Current City Council Members:

Helen Feuerborn [2025]

Mike Topp [2025]

Robert [Bob] Cardell [2023]

Faith Sage [2023] [Council president]

Adam Horstick [2023] Norman Schmidt resigned March 2023, Faith replaces Norman, Adam repalces Faith

City Mayor Info:

Doug MacIntosh was voted in as City Mayor in November 2017 and will take office January 2018. Lyly Brown and Bob Cardell were the right-in votes for City Council. Mike Topp was appointed by the mayor in 2019 to open council seat. Peg Pearson was appointed to take Kelly Reeder place when he became City Maintenance employee for City of Richmond. Doug McIntosh [2021] Richmond Mayor resigned at 2/9/21 council meeting. Norman Schmidt was appointed to take Karen Peters council seat when she took over as Mayor in February 2021. Larry Morrow left in May 2021. Richmond no longer has a deputy clerk position, Taylor quit. Lindy Stumpff was hired at deputy clerk in July 2021, Lindy quit in August 2021. Marci Hunter quit as city clerk in January 2022. Julie Couch was hired in December 2021 to train and be city clerk once Marci was gone. Julie Couch was fired in March of 2022. Dealy Sims started as the new City Clerk April 2022. Andrew Jackson quit as City water person. Ricky Sadler was hired in March of 2022 to take his place. Ricky Slader quit and Jim Bass was hired in September 2022. Blake Anderson was hired in 2022 to be the new Code Enforcement officer.

Kelly Reeder was fired as City Maintenance at the July 2023 meeting. No reason was given for firing him.

Karen Peters resigned as Mayor at the August 2023 meeting. She is moving out of town. Peg Pearson as council president is now Mayor. Faith Sage was voted in a the new Council president. Adam Horstick  was voted in a new council member.




evergy is the current electric company -1-888-471-5275 Toll Free

Kansas Gas is the current gas company- 1-800-794-4780

Direct TV -1-800-783-1371

Dish Network- 1-888-899-2064

City Water

$100.00 deposit -for Renters

$25.00 deposit – for home owners

Water Rates $32.00 Meter Charge per month

$10.40 for each 1,000 gallons used

Water bills can be paid at City Hall

Sewer Rates $11.98 minimum PLUS

$3.10 for each 1,000 gallons

Ottawa Sanitation -trash pick-up for residential

Trash pick-up on Wednesdays

Trash Service

$14.34 for one tote

$20.34 for two totes

Senior Citizen Rate [65+] [single household only

$12.84 for one tote