Library Hours

Monday 2:00 – 6:00
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday 10:00 – 6:00
Thursday 10:00 – 6:00
Friday 2:00 – 6:00
Saturday 12:00 – 3:00

Closing for Holidays:

The Richmond Public Library observes all established Federal holidays. The Library Director has the discretion to open the library on holidays. Established Federal Holidays are: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. In addition, the Library will be closed the Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve day, and New Year’s Eve day. The Library Director has the discretion to have the Library open on any designated holiday.

Borrowing Policy:

Who May Borrow:

Any Kansas library and individuals who have a valid NEXT Regional library card may borrow books, video games, music CDs, videos, and DVDs from the Library or through Interlibrary Loan.


Exclusions From Loan:

Certain materials designated “To be used only in the library” may not be checked out.


Book/Movie Reserve Service:

Books/movies may be reserved upon request.


Limit On Amount Of Materials That Can Be Borrowed At Any One Time:

Ten [10] DVDs or TV shows per card, no limit on books per card, five [5] music CDs per card, five [5] video games per card, one [1] Launch pad or tablet per card.


Length of Loan Period:

Three [3] weeks for all library check-out item


Patrons are allowed [2] two renewals on any library collection items, unless said items is on hold.


Books Return Services:


There is a return box at Beachner Grain (next to the library).

Library Card Registration:

Any person wishing to acquire a Richmond Public Library card will need to show their driver’s license or state issued identification card, or provide their social security number.  If the individual is 17 years of age or under, the parents or guardians identifying information will also be required.  The individual will also have to provide a current address and valid telephone number. Patrons who move or change their telephone number should notify the library so the patron’s records can be updated.  Failure to do so could result in loss of library privileges.

Library Cards:

The Richmond Public Library will issue one [1] library card free of cost for each patron number.  If said card is damaged or lost there will be a $1.00 replacement charge for each card.

Library Use Charges [overdue]:

This library has gone FINE FREE

 Charges for Lost or Damaged Materials:

The Richmond Public Library understands that books and media experience normal wear and tear as they are used. The library balances normal wear and tear against damages that might make the public reluctant to use the material. Readability is one consideration; appearance is another. The guidelines cover any material that the library checks out to the public. As regulated by state statute, all damaged and withdrawn materials remain the property of the library.

Fees for damaged materials will be charged when the condition of an item makes it unsuitable to be returned to the collection.

Patrons are discouraged from replacing a damaged or lost item with an item purchased personally. Any request to do so must be cleared by the Library Director in charge of the collection. For out of print items, the Library Director will determine a fair value based on the type of material lost or damaged and select a similar replacement item.

Normal wear and tear or minor damage is to be expected as items circulate. This includes: book falling from spine; frayed edges; tears on spine channel; CD, DVD, or cassette case replacement; paper dust jacket torn/marked; and pages torn.

Examples of major damage that require withdrawal of materials include: animal chews/teeth marks; liquid damage; pages stuck together; extensive marking/comments; pages marked/burned/missing; cracked/broken/chipped discs; and swollen/mildewed; odoriferous.

Patrons will make restitution as determined by the Library Director for damages to or loss of material[s]. If the patron loses material[s], said patron will be expected to pay cost of the material[s] as set by the Library Director. If patrons account has expired, at the library director’s discretion the patron’s account may be deleted and the fine[s] expunged. If the individual is 17 years of age or younger, the parent or guardian is responsible to make restitution. If the item is found after restitution has been made, the Board will determine whether partial reimbursement will be assessed. If six [6] months have passed since restitution was made and the item is returned, there will be no patron reimbursement.

In the case of a natural disaster such as a fire or tornado the library will forgive the cost of the lost items. In case of theft the library may forgive replacement cost if the report has been filed.


Unattended Children Policy:

It is the policy of the Richmond Public Library that children five [5] years of age or younger need to be supervised while in the library. The individual supervising the child five [5] years of age or younger should be at least nine [9] years old. If a child five [5] years of age or under is unsupervised in the library said child will be sent home. If a child shows up more than three [3] times without supervision the parents or guardian of said child will be sent a copy of this policy with a note that child is not allowed back into library without proper supervision.


Persons wishing to file a complaint about the Richmond Public Library should do so by contacting the Library Director. If the Director cannot resolve or explain the issue, she/he will then advise the Board of the issue. If said person wishes to speak to the Board, they may do so by asking to be put on the agenda of the next Board meeting.

Persons wishing to file a complaint about the library director should contact the current library board chair. If wishing to file a complaint about any other library employee, the individual should contact the Library Director.

Library Material CHALLENGE POLICY:

It is the policy of the Richmond Public Library that we will listen to any patron who challenges library material.  Patrons wishing to challenge any material in the library will be required to fill out a Request For Reconsideration Of Library Resource form [found in Forms section of this manual] and submit it to the Library Director.  The Director will read the form and review the material.  The material will then be reviewed by at least one [1] Board Member and be discussed at the next Board meeting.  The Board will then hold a discussion about the material, and the patron will be notified of the decision.

If the patron disagrees with the decision, they may choose to address the Board in person.  If they request, the patron will be put on the agenda of the next board meeting, or the patron may ask the Board Chairman to hold a special meeting.  The decision about a special meeting will be left up to the Board Chairman.
Steps for a request for reconsideration of library resource:

1. Fill out form
2. Give form to Director
3. Review of material
4. Book discussed at Board meeting
5. Decision made on material
6. Patron informed of decision



The Richmond Public Library strives to provide the highest level of service to all library users. Rules of conduct are set in place to protect the rights of Library customers to enjoy a safe environment conducive to the use of library materials and services

1. Failing to comply with library regulations and with instructions or requests made by library staff with respect to library regulations is strictly prohibited.

2. A patron whose behavior is disruptive to the use of the library by other patrons may be asked to leave the library premises. A patron who refuses to leave under these circumstances is trespassing. The staff member in charge shall be responsible for handling the problem and may seek assistance from a law enforcement agency, if needed.

3. A patron shall not engage in conduct that violates federal and state laws and local ordinances in regard to public behavior.

4. Abusive or obscene language is not allowed in the library.

5. Patrons are responsible for their personal welfare, the welfare of their children, and their personal property.

6. Dangerous or disruptive behavior is not allowed. This may include cell phone use, talking loudly, running, or any behavior that is disruptive to patrons or staff.

7. “Audio” equipment can be used in the library as long as headphones/ear buds are used and the volume is low enough that it does not disrupt the use of the library by other patrons.”

8. Behavior that is abusive to library patrons and/or staff is not allowed. Bullying & fighting are NOT allowed.

9. Destruction, theft, or defacing of library property including tampering with technology systems or computer hardware, software, and data is strictly prohibited.

10. Using library computer workstations in an unacceptable manner, as defined in the library’s computer rules, Internet rules, and library rules is prohibited. Members of library staff are under no obligation to monitor library computer workstation usage and accept no responsibility for investigating the manner in which those workstations are used. When, however, a member of the library staff observes a patron using a workstation in violation of the rules, the patron will be deemed to be using the workstation in an unacceptable manner and will be asked to immediately terminate his or her use of the workstation.

11. Use of tobacco products is not permitted in the library.

12. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the library premises except in connection with a library sponsored program.

13. Pets are not permitted in the library. Service animals are allowed. Pets are allowed in the library in connection with a library sponsored program.

14. Kansas law defines the term “weapons” in K.S.A 21-6301 and provides regulations for concealed carry of weapons in the Personal and Family Protection Act at Within the bounds of those laws, the open carry of firearms and possession of weapons is strictly prohibited, except by certified law enforcement personnel.

15. Persons entering the library should be wearing clothes (top and bottom) that provide enough cover to be decent.]. Public indecency is NOT allowed in the library per state law K.S.A. 21-5513.

16. When using the libraries public bathroom, door must be closed when in use.


Printing, Fax and Copies:

Patrons may print documents (in black and white) from the computer at the cost of 25 cents per page.

Patrons may make copies on the copier at the cost of 25 cents per page.

Color printing or copying can only be done with the approval of library staff at the cost of 50 cents per page.

Patrons may send and/or receive faxes at the cost of $1.00 up to five [5] pages. Each additional page, after five [5] will cost 25 cents per age.

It shall be the policy of the Richmond Public Library that copies and faxes may be made and/or sent from or to the library. There will be a small fee to the library for the use of these services. The fees will be as follows:

Black & White Copies .25 cents per sheet
Color Copies .50 cents per sheet
Faxes $1.00 each up to 5 pages, .25 each page after

Patrons who use these services without paying will be subject to losing any or all other library privileges as the director sees fit.



No saving personal information.

Patrons are not allowed to connect gaming systems (such as: Xbox, Playstation, etc.) to library equipment as this may cause damage to the library equipment.

DO NOT open programs if you are not sure how to use them. Ask for help.

Please make sure to close ALL windows when you are done with YOUR computer time. DO NOT TURN COMPUTER OFF. Failure to follow this policy may result in loss of computer privileges as specified below.

NO obscene sites.

NO SAVING to the computer hard drive. If you need to save, you must provide your own device.

IF MORE THAN ONE PERSON at the computer, they must not block the shelves or the walkway. If the person using the computer does not want you there, you must sit at the table and wait your turn.

You may print items ONLY if you can PAY for them. Printouts are 25 cents ($.25) for black and white copies.

When printing, you MUST USE THE PAPER AVAILABLE. Patrons will NOT BE ALLOWED to use special paper without approval of the Director.

PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF YOUR TIME. Patrons may use the library computer up to one (1) hour per day. The individual in charge may allow additional time.

If computer system “LOCKS UPS”, NOTIFY librarian IMMEDIATELY. DO NOT try to resolve issue yourself. Failure to follow this policy may result in loss of computer privileges as specified below.

NOT FOLLOWING THE RULES can cause your computer privileges to be revoked. A period of one [1] week for the first violation. The second violation will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Personal Electronic Devices – Patrons who bring in their own electronic devices; will still pay for printing and are NOT allowed on Obscene sites while using the Library Wi-Fi. The library is NOT responsible for your device.

Library public computers will be shutdown 10 minutes prior to the Library closing.
The Richmond Public Library is not liable for damages due to the use of any library public access equipment. Use computers at your own risk. [updated 3/12/20]