2021 Annual Report: Richmond Public Library

Below is a list of items we track for the State Library report: Considering the Pandemic STILL going on, we did pretty good.

Library Stats:

Library visitors– 3,194
Reference transactions– 812
Books added– 253
Movies & TV shows added– 233 [we had a LOT of donations]
Computer Users– 698
Wireless Users– 4691
Inter-library Loans1,436
Inter-library Borrowed– 879

Library Programing:

Kids under 5
41 programs
281 attendance

Kids 6-11
30 Programs
240 attendance

29 Programs
61 attendance

34 Programs
195 attendance

Program for Everyone
2- programs
22- attendance

The library has programing year round for all ages. We try to plan something for everyone. We have story time for the little ones [Wednesday @ 10 AM] Food Club for the adults [Friday @ 12PM]. Bread Class the 3rd Wednesday of month for now. Crafts on most holidays for the kids. Summer reading for everyone.
We have 6 computers for public use and 1 laptop for adult use. We offer fax and printing for a small fee.

We are a Fine Free library. We do not charge late fees. Patrons are only charged if they damage or lose library items.

At the end of 2020 the library owned;
1,995- DVD’s and TV shows
17 Audio books

This library also had Halloween Masks that can be checked out. No other library has that.
Hoopla is also Free with a Library Card

Keep an eye on the library Facebook page for up and coming events.

The library was able to receive a few grants this year, this helped buy a new printer to replace a really old one, replace one of the old desktop computers, and a laptop for patrons to use.

We had our front sidewalk fixed and added a new back patio thanks to a generous donation

We were able to have fundraisers this year, they did pretty good also.

2022 we plan on looking and filing for more grants.
Having our Spring & Christmas basket raffles.
Working the Fair stand and helping with supplies, for our share of the profits…

2021 Holiday Raffle Winners

Announcing the winners of the 2021 Richmond Public Library Holiday Raffle:
Don’t Die In The Woods- Tracie Peltzer
Kids Just Wanna Have Fun- Doug Penka
Sweet & Spicy- Jake Akes
VR Game- Jake Akes
Birds of A Feather- Tracie Peltzer
Movie Madness- Wilson Chiropractic
Mini Tailgate- Lori Oestreicher
K- State- Kim Davidson
Zero Cage- Connie A. Weber
Jack Cage- Barbara Lane
Winter Fun- Leon Weber
Fruit of the Vine- Dawn Hastings
Caffeine Rush- Tana Fuentes
Homemade Baking- Penny Bell
My Friends are Flakes- Betty Slagle
In A Fit of Chocolate- Steph Wight-Cary
New Year’s – Mary Ann Platt
Pamper Yourself- Sandi McIntosh
Congratulations to all the winners!
Everyone else? Better Luck Next Year!…