librarian on August 28th, 2019

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librarian on August 22nd, 2019

15 books celebrating Kansas cultural heritage
Topeka, KS – State Librarian Eric Norris announced today the 14th annual selection of Kansas Notable Books. The fifteen books feature quality titles with wide public appeal, either written by a Kansan or about a Kansas-related topic.
“I am proud to present the 2019 Kansas Notable Book list. Choosing only 15 books is no easy task,” said Eric Norris, State Librarian. “The selection committee began with a pool of nearly 100 submitted titles and worked diligently to identify the year’s best works by Kansas authors and illustrators, as well as those works that highlight our history and heritage. Kansans are encouraged to visit their local public library and celebrate the artists and the artistry of Kansas.”
Kansas Notable Books is a project of the Kansas Center for the Book, a program of the State Library. The Kansas Center for the Book is a state affiliate of the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress. Throughout the award year, the State Library promotes and encourages the promotion of all titles on this year’s list at literary events, and among librarians and booksellers.
This year the Richmond Public Library selected 12 of the 15 Kansas Notable books, the library also received a copy of Brown Enough: A tale of a Mixed-race Baseball team Summer of ‘56 free in the mail. So we have a total of 13 of this years Notable books.
This year the library chose some fiction, non-fiction, adult, teen and kids books something for everyone [we hope].
Here is a list of the 2019 Kansas Notable Books available for check out at Richmond Public Library.
American Heart- by Laura Moriarty (Lawrence)
Brown Enough: A Tale of a Mixed-Race Baseball Team Summer of ’56-by Ken Ohm (Topeka)
The Deepest Roots- by Miranda Asebedo (Manhattan}
The Diaries of Reuben Smith, Kansas Settler and Civil War Soldier edited- by Lana Wirt Myers (Newton)
Eisenhower: Becoming the Leader of the Free World- by Louis Galambos (Baltimore, MD)
A Girl Stands at the Door: The Generation of Young Women Who Desegregated America’s Schools
by Rachel Devlin (Brooklyn, NY)
Heartland: A Memoir of Working Hard and Being Broke in the Richest Country on Earth- by Sarah Smarsh (Wichita)
Night Out- by Daniel Miyares (Lenexa)
No Place Like Home: Lessons in Activism from LGBT Kansas- by C.J. Janovy (Kansas City, MO)
No Small Potatoes: Junius G. Groves and His Kingdom in Kansas- by Tonya Bolden (New York, NY)
The Pastor Wears a Skirt: Stories of Gender and Ministry- by Dorothy Nickel Friesen (Newton)
The Saint of Wolves and Butchers- by Alex Grecian (Topeka)
Seafire- by Natalie C. Parker (Lawrence)

librarian on August 16th, 2019

July 2019 brought us a few events at the library.

July 3rd we all made “4th of July” crackers in honor of Independence day, since we were closed on July 4th. Kids had fun with this craft. toilet paper tubes with poppers in them wrapped in tissue paper.

Up next the adult painted gourds. Some were bird house some were not, but all painted up really nice.

The kids made DIY Glitter jars on July 10th, they really liked these. Jars with space themed items in them filled with water and glitter, some times lots, and lots of glitter!, but oh well they had fun!

We closed July 11th, 12th and 13th for the Richmond Fair.

Monday, July 15th was National Gummy Worm Day, so…. We made Gummy worms, and took a quiz [of course].

July 17th & 18th the kids made mini light sabers. Another craft they really enjoyed.

July 20th was the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing, so in Friday, July 19th we ha a “Moon Landing” party with “Moon” inspired foods, and a moon landing quiz and paper rockets to blow in the air.

July 24th the kids made “Pool Noodle Aliens” yet another fun craft. These guys for fun and cute. The kids really enjoyed them.

On July 25th the teens did a “Break-Out” event. we give them different boxes with different kinds of locks. The have to read the clues and figure out how to open each lock to get whats inside.

July 26th was National Bagelfest Day, so of course we had bagels and a quiz. What’s a food day with out a quiz?

July 31st was the last craft for the kids, they made milk jug space helmets.

We are spacemen

On Thursday August 1st the Teens played with the Water stomp rockets again.

Friday August 2nd the adults made “moon lights” this was thier last craft for the summer.

The moon lights we made

Wednesday, August 7th was the end of Summer Reading 2019. We handed out prizes to all those who read at least 5 books this summer.

We also gave away aliens to our “Find all the aliens in the library” hunt. Leon Weber and Ashley Harkins were our winners. The we had ice cream sundaes to celebrate the end of a great summer.

This years top readers for each category were as followers.

Listeners: 1st- Jade Coy, 2nd- Hunter Purdham, 3rd Lydia Purdham, 4th Lliam Roberts.

Reading with help: 1st- Kamryn Reeder, 2nd- Leon Weber, 3rd- Weslon Rowland, 4th Elijah Rowland.

Readers: 1st- Kaiden Reeder, 2nd- Joey Wright, 3rd- Gavin Weber, 4th Zachary Geiler.

Pre-Teen & Teen: 1st- Damien Geiler, 2nd Brennen Geiler, 3d- Drake Weber, 4th Ashley Harkins.

Adults: 1st- Dorothy Welch, 2nd- Maggie Moore, 3rd- Laura Deters, 4th Keri Meyer.

Congratulations to all our readers!

librarian on July 1st, 2019

Summer Reading started in Wednesday, June 5, 2019 with a visit from Grandpa Pokey. Kids we asked to come and sign up for summer reading and them they all got to go in the other room and get a balloon from Grandpa Pokey.

We has since then just took off running. The younger kids have made NASA Badges, Jet Packs and had a Balloon Rocket Race. All the kids made Father’s day crafts.

The Teens have made stress balls, paper lantern planets, painted moons, played with water rockets and tie dyed.

The Adults also painted moons, made pop bottle planters, and painted galaxy sun catcher plated.

The finished Galaxy sun Catchers

Up Next?

July 3rd we will make 4th of July crackers at 2:00.

The library will be closed Thursday, July 4th.

July 5th the adults will paint gourds.

July 10th we will make DIY glitter jars at 2:00

The library will be Closed July 11, 12 & 13 for the Richmond Fair [we close every year for this]

July 15th is National Gummy worm day and we plan to attempt to make gummy worms@ 2:00

July 17 Kids will make Mini light sabers and July 18th the teens will make Mini light sabers.

July 20th is the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. To celebrate we will make straw rockets and have “moon” inspired food. The adults at 1:00 and the kids and teens at 2:00.

July 24th the kids will make pool noodle aliens, July 25th the teens will do a “break out” game. July 26th the adults will make ping pong ball “moon’ lights.

July 31st the kids will make milk Jug space helmets.

Summer Reading will end on Wednesday, August 7th with and end of summer party and the handing out of prized starting at 2:00.

librarian on June 13th, 2019

Richmond Public Library summer reading program started on Wednesday, June 5th at 2:00 PM. This was sign-up day everyone who wished to be in the summer reading program came in signed up and then got to see Grandpa Poke and get a balloon.

Grandpa Poke

Kids we given a summer reading bag with the summer schedule for the younger kids inside each bag. The Teen and Adult schedules are on the desk if you ask for them.

Most of our events this summer will be as follows:

Kids on most Wednesdays @ 2:00

Teen on most Thursdays @ 2:00

Adults on most Fridays @ 2:00

See you schedule for other dates. Happy Reading this summer!

librarian on May 29th, 2019

May is over, what did we do at the library? Cinco de Mayo crafts, Mother’s Day crafts , National Chocolate Chip Day and we had a meeting about the 2020 census and Friday Food club. Plus the library had there annual Taco Dinner and raffle.

On Friday, May 3rd we celebrated Cinco de May by making mini pinata’s and sombrero cookies. The kids made the cookies and then got to eat them. Once they got all the pinatas made we put them on a string and the kids got to pull the string and get the prize inside.

Eating our Sombrero cookies

On May the 10th the kids made Mother’s Day crafts. The chose between a “Super Mom” candy bar or a Rock with a saying on it. The kids really like the rocks [which surprised me]

May 15th was National Chocolate Chip day, so we made Chocolate Chip cookie sandwiches. The kids really like making food crafts!

Eating our cookie sandwiches

May the 16th we had a representative for the 2020 Census come and give a talk about census jobs. She explained that there will be jobs opening in our area and if anyone was interested they needed to apply online.

They will pay weekly for the hours up to so many hours and will also pay mileage. Anyone interested in apply can do so online at

up next?

Summer Reading starts on Wednesday, June 5th at 2:00 PM. The library will have copies of the summer reading schedule available upon request.

librarian on May 9th, 2019
Interested? come to the library on May 16th between 11:00 Am and 12:00 PM.
librarian on May 1st, 2019

April 2019 what did we do in the library this month? National Library week is in April7th – 13th, National Library Workers day is April 9th and National Library giving day is April 11th. The library Annual Open House is always held during National Library Week.

This years Open House was Tuesday, April 9th. Easter was also in April this year, so of course we did Easter crafts.

Story Time kids made Easter bunny headbands on April 17th. They looked so cute. We read an Easter story and them made our headband and had a snack.

Next up the school kids made Easter crafts on April 18th. The made toilet paper tube bunnies and folded card stock baskets. We had a lot of kids show up for this one. So many we had to do it in 3 different shifts.

Up last the adults made washcloth bunnies and Easter Egg planters on April 19th. There were two different bunnies to make and they herbs to pick and plant in our Egg planters

librarian on April 17th, 2019

Richmond Public Library is having at Taco Dinner fundraiser on Saturday, May 4th at the Richmond Community Building. The meal will be served from 4:30—8:00 PM.
Carry-out Available


2 tacos
Rice & Beans
Chips & Cheese
Don’t want the meal? We have taco burgers, taco salads and enchiladas available too.
The library is also having a raffle. Raffle items will be on display at the library until the May 4th, when they will be taken to the Community Building.
Winners will be drawn during the end of the evening of the Taco Dinner on May 4th.

The baskets in order are: Baby, Chocolate, Cups, Garden scooter, Kids, Liquor, Movie Night, Summer Fun, royals tickets [4 of them], Spa, Summer Fun, Wine and Zombie Apocalypse.

Tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00 contact the library at 785-835-6163 if you are interested in buying tickets, also library board members will have tickets to sell.

librarian on April 10th, 2019

March is over and April has started, what have we been up to at the library?

On March 1st we had Kenzie Weber come down and do a craft with the kids at part of her senior requirement.

St. Patrick’s Day is in March so of course we had a few craft days. Story Time made headbands, March 13th. The kids made Leprechaun hats March 15th.

Spring Break was also this month, so we had to have something for the kids to do.

Wednesday, march 20th the kids decorated visors.

Look at our visors we decorated

Friday, March 22nd we made Slime! Kids love slime!

Friday March 29th the adults made Suet Feeders. Someone need to feed the birds. Also remember that the Richmond Minion Friday Food club meets every Friday at noon. Bring Food and come and join us!

up next?

The library held their annual “Open House” on April 9th during National Library week. Easter is in April this year so we will have Easter crafts for story time on the 17th, kids on the 18th and adults on the 19th.