librarian on September 10th, 2015

Those patrons who have little ones who just want to use your tablet or phone, the library has a Launchpad Tablet that can be checked out. This tablet come preloaded with Pre-K and Kindergarten games.
If you have a little one at home that might like to use this tablet come visit the library and take a look at it. If you have a library card we can check it out to you.

lp-screen-case  lp-screen-avatars

librarian on August 19th, 2015

The 2015 Summer Reading Program has ended. This year we had 39 kids [5th grade & under], 10 teens and 13 adults sign up for the program. Each group had it’s own crafts or programs. The kids has 12 crafts or programs this summer. The teens had 9 craft days. The adults has 10 craft or food programs. We started Wednesday, June 3rd with a  frisbee toss game and ended Thursday, August 6th with root beer floats and a treasure hunt.

treasurehunt1 treasurehunt2 treasurehunt3





decifertheclue handouttreasure rootbeerfloats









Winners in each of our reading age groups this year were:

Listeners [5 & under] – Leon Weber, Kallen Hastings, Gavin Weber









Reading with help [kindergarden & 1st graders]- Ashley Harkins & Brennen Geiler

readign with help








Readers [2nd – 5th grade]- Drake Weber, Carson Wood & Damien Geiler








Teens- Sam Wood, Spencer Guyett & Sarah Wood

Adults- Margaret Moore, Ken Manwarren, Danika Willis


Up next at the library?

Alphabet Club on Friday, August 21st at noon, this months letters are G, P & Y.

librarian on July 31st, 2015

Summer Reading is coming to an end. What have we been doing lately?

The adults made un-ordinary planters on July 17th.

planters 1 planters2







July 20th was National Lollipop Day, so the library gave free lollipops to everyone who come to the library that day.

lollipop1 lollipop2 lollipop3







Henna Tattoo was a [2] two day affair. The library did Henna Tattoos for Everyone [[under 18 had to have a parent present or a signed permission slip] on July 22nd and 23rd.

hanna2 henna1 henna3







Wednesday, July 29th the younger kids had their pictures taken as Super Heroes.

sper hero2 super hero1 super hero3








Thursday, July 30th the Teens made super hero [and villains] rings and key chains.

rings1 rings2 rings3








Friday, July 30th the adults made un-ordinary wind chimes.

chimes1 chimes2 chimes3 chimes4








Summer reading is set to end on Thursday, August 6th with an end of summer party at 3:00 PM. It happens to be National Root beer float day, so we will have floats along with a snack and a digital treasure hunt. Summer reading prizes will be handed out at the end of the party.

librarian on July 15th, 2015

We finished up June and are half way through July, what have the Summer Reading patrons been up to?Wednesday, July 24th we had Dawn and Matt Hastings visit up for “Operation Save-A-Life” Dawn is a nurse at Ransom Memorial and Matt is an EMT in Ottawa. Many thanks to them for coming they did a great job!

savelife1 savelife2 savelife3







Thursday, July 25 the teens made Catapults. When they were done they shot Super Heroes at cardboard building.

DSCN2021 DSCN2024







Friday, July 26 was Super Hero Food day for the Adults. Everyone was to make their version of Super Hero food.

super foods superfood2 superfood3







Monday, July 29 we went to the Richmond Fire Department go get a lesson on Fire Safety. Many thanks to Phil the Fireman for the program, it was wonderful!

Fires safety2 MWA firesafety firesafety2







Wednesday, July 1 the kids made Super Hero capes.

capes1 capes2 capes3







the library was closed July 3 & 3 for Independence day. We were also closed July 9,10 & 11 for the Richmond Free Fair, but we did have a float in the parade on Saturday, July 11th [we got 2nd place!]

float float2 float3







Up next?

Unordinary planters for the adults on Friday, July 17

Monday, July 20 is National Lollipop Day so if you come to the library on July 20 you can get a free lollipop

Wednesday & Thursday, July 22 & 23 will be our Henna Tattoo days, if you are under 18 you need a signed permission slip to get the tattoo.

Wednesday, July 29 is Super Hero picture day.

Thursday, July 30 teens will be making super hero rings and keychains.

Friday, July 31 the adults will be making wind chimes from silverware.

Thursday, August 6 is National Root Beer Float day and the end of the 2015 Summer Reading Program. So our end of summer reading party will have root beer floats.

August 11, 12 & 14 the library will be closed. The director is taking a vacation.

librarian on June 25th, 2015

Summer Reading began on Wednesday, June 3rd with sign-up and a frisbee toss.

  frisbee toss frizbee






Wednesday, June 10th was National Black Cow day [chocolate root beer float] so the library gave away free black cows. The younger kids also decorated super hero masks and headbands on the 10th.

headbands Headbands2








Thursday, June 11th was Senior craft day, this month they made card stock bird houses.

birdhouses birdhouses2







Friday, June 12 the adults painted masks

adult masks Masks







June 17th & 18th was Father’s Day crafts

father's day box fathersday3 father'sday







Friday, June 19th was Alphabet Club, the letters for this month were F,O & X. There will be NO Alphabet club in July.

alpha1 alpha2


librarian on May 20th, 2015

Here is the schedule for the Adult Summer Reading Events

06/03/15 3:00 PM Sign-Up Day -Sign up for 2015 Summer Reading Program

06/10/15 1:00 PM National Black Cow Day A root beer float with chocolate syrup

06/12/15 1:00 PM Paint Masks -We will paint full mask for decoration

06/26/15 1:00 PM Super Hero foods -Make and bring your version of a Super food Hero food

07/17/15 1:00 PM Un-ordinary Planters – Come and make a summer planter

07/20/15 1:00 PM Wind Chime -Come make a wind chime from kitchen ware

08/06/15 National Root Beer Float Day- End of Summer Reading. Everyone who come to the library this afternoon will be a Free root beer float

librarian on May 20th, 2015

Here is the schedule of Events for the Teens [12 to 17 years old]


06/03/15 3:00 PM Summer Reading sign-up Time to sign up for the summer program

06/10/15 3:00 PM National Black Cow Day [chocolate root beer float] -Come to the library and have a Chocolate cow on us!

06/11/15 3:00 PM Masks Teens are invited to come and decorate half mask

06/18/15 3:00 PM Duct Tape Wallets [for Father’s Day] & other gifts -Make your dad a father’s day gift

06/25/15 3:00 PM Catapults -Make a catapult and save the heroine

06/29/15 2:30 PM Fire Safety @ Richmond Fire Dept.
[Date subject to change] Fire safety with the Richmond Fire Dept. at the Fire Station

07/11/15 5:00 PM Richmond Free Fair Parade -Anyone who want to ride float needs to be on the float and in line by 5

07/20/15 3:00 PM National Lollipop Day Everyone who comes into the library will be a Free Lollipop on this day

07/22/15 3:00 PM Henna Tattoo’s -Time to get a super hero tattoo- Tattoo’s only given with a permission slip signed by parent or guardian

07/29/15 3:00 PM Rings or Key chain- Come make a super hero ring or key chain

08/06/15 3:00 PM End of Summer Reading Program Prizes, snacks [National Root Beer float day]Everyone gets a Root Beer Float.

librarian on May 18th, 2015

Here is a schedule of the 2015 Summer Reading events: 5th grade & Under kids

06/03/15 3:00 PM Sign Up Day -Sign up for Summer Reading Program
06/10/15 3:00 PM Black Cow Day [chocolate root beer float] & Super Hero Masks & headbands
Decorate a mask and have a Black Cow drink
06/17/15 3:00 PM Father’s Day Crafts- Make something for your dad [or important male figure] for Father’s
06/24/15 3:00PM Operation Save A Life- EMT Matt & Nurse Dawn Hastings

06/29/15 2:30 Fire Safety @ Richmond Fire Dept.
[date subject to change] Fire safety with the Richmond Fire Dept.
07/01/15 3:00 PM Super Hero Capes & wrist cuffs – Make a Super Hero cape of your very own and wrist cuffs to match
07/11/15 5:00 PM Richmond Free Fair Parade- Come Ride the Library Float Float riders need to be on float and in line by 5:00 PM
07/15/15 3:00 PM Super Hero cut-outs- Make you very own Super Hero
07/20/15 3:00 PM National Lollipop Day- Everyone who comes into the library gets a Free Lollipop on this day!

07/22/15 3:00 PM Henna Tattoos- Get your super hero tattoo
Tattoos only given with permission slip signed by parent or guardian
07/29/15 3:00 PM Super Hero picture day& cake pops and Cake sickles
Wear all the super hero gear you made and we’ll take your picture
8/6/15 3:00 PM End of Summer Reading Party Prizes and snacks


librarian on May 7th, 2015

The Library would like to send out a big THANK YOU to all those who supported our taco dinner and raffle. We did not count how many people showed up for the dinner, but we almost ran out of meat and beans, so we did pretty good.

The spring raffle also did pretty good. There were eight raffle items this time. Those who bought raffle ticket.. Hope you buy again next time!

Winners of the raffle were as follows:

Hurricane lamp and tea lights – Jake Akes

Drink Dispenser- Tammy sharp

Bag of DVD- Dan Madder

Be 10 Toys- Richie Akes

American Eagle Gift card- Sheridan Weber

Jack Daniels & tumblers -Karen Peters

Wine & glasses- Brenda Honeycutt

Tablet -Rick Weber


Congratulations to the winner, to the others.. Better luck next time!

librarian on April 27th, 2015

The Library is having a Taco Dinner fundraiser on Saturday, May 2nd. The dinner will be held at the Richmond Community Building and we will be serving from 4:30 to 8:00 PM. The meal will include 2 tacos, beans, rice and chips and cheese. If you don’t want the meal we will also have taco burgers, small taco salads and nachos. Free Will donation for the meal.

tacodinner taco burger tacosalad





Come Eat and Support the library!