librarian on November 12th, 2014

October is over and it was a busy month. we made crafts with the seniors, we had two Halloween craft days for the kids, a teen craft day, lots of Halloween crafts at story time and had a Kansas Notable Books food fest.

craft1 ghosts3 gourds#3 notable#1

November wont hold quite as much, but we do have some things planned. First up is Senior craft day on the 13th, held at the community building after lunch is over. The 15th is International Game Day @ Your Library, the library will be open from 12:00 to 3:00 for this event. The 21st at 12:00 will be an adult Fall craft and food day. Finally on the 24th there will be a Thanksgiving craft day for the kids.

Also in November the library employees and board members will be selling tickets for our Christmas Raffle. Come to the library and see what we have this year for our raffle items, there’s sure to be something for everyone!

librarian on September 22nd, 2014

October is almost here and what do we have planned? The library has several things planned for October.
First up will be Senior Craft day on Thursday, October 9th. We will be painting gourd bird houses after senior meals in the back of the Richmond Community building.
On Friday, October 10th the library will be having a Kansas Notable Book Food Fest. The library has purchased five of the 2014 Kansas Notable books, two of these books are cookbooks. The library was able to purchase the Notable books with the help of a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. We are asking those who would like to join us to pick a recipe from one of the cookbooks and bring it on October 10th. We will sample the food and talk about the books.
Wednesday, October 15th at 4:00 the kids will be making Halloween crafts. There will be green monsters and Halloween stand ups to color your own.
Monday, October 20th at 4:00 kids will again be making Halloween crafts, this time they will be making ghosts.
Wednesday, October 22nd at 4:00 the teens will be making coffins and spider ornaments.
October 29, 30 and 31st the librarians will be in Wichita attending the State Library conference, so library hours will change a little bit that week. Watch for postings.

librarian on September 11th, 2014

The Richmond Public Library will be holding a Senior Craft day the second Thursday of each month at the Richmond Community Building in conjunction with the Richmond Nutrition site held at the Community Building.

This month we made gnomes [there were some request for these]. During the craft we showed some other crafts we can make and everyone present voted on the crafts for the next three months.

Crafts will be on the second Thursday of the month at around noon. October 9th we will be painting gourd bird houses.

Want to join us for crafts? Just come on by, or better yet order a meal for that day and eat at the center and then join us for the craft.

gnomes#1 gnomes#2 gnomes#3 gnomes#4

librarian on August 18th, 2014

We rounded out the summer with a few more events. National Milk Chocolate Day was celebrated on July 28th and the teens made baby jar candles on July 31st.

milkchoc#1 Milkchoc#2 candle#1 candle#2

National Root Beer Float Day was August 6th, everyone was invited. The teens tie dyed on August 7th and Summer Reading ended on Wednesday, August 13th.

rootbeer# rootbeer#2 rootbeer#3

The 2014 program had 36 kids 5th grade and under signed up. 10 teenagers and 11 adults.

Winners of most read or listened to books were:


Kallen Hastings, Ashley Harkins and Kaeden Willis

Reader [5th grade and under]:

Tagen Wallace, Drake Weber and Damien Geiler

Teen Readers:

Ashley Thompson, Sarah Wood and Kenzie Weber

Adult Reader:

Margaret Moore, Danika Willis and Barbara Lane

This summer we held 12 kids programs, 11 teen programs and 10 adult program. Congratulations to our winner and we hope to see everyone back next summer!


librarian on July 24th, 2014

The fair is over and we are back at the library. What have we been up to since the fair?

We made fake snow, paracord bracelets and showed off mini makers. Henna tattoos for two days and then we made bath bombs.

DSCN0871 DSCN0873 DSCN0876 DSCN0882

What’s still to come?

National Milk Chocolate Day is July 28th, come to the library and get some chocolate. Baby jar candles for the teens on July 31st, National Root Beer Float day is August 6th, we will be giving out small free root beer floats. Teens will do tie dye on August 7th and the adults will paint gourd bird houses on August 8th. The end will come on August 13 with our annual Treasure Hunt and then the handing out of prizes. HAPPY READING EVERYONE!

librarian on July 10th, 2014

Just a heads up that the library will be Closed during the Richmond Free Fair July 10th, 11th and 12th. All the librarians will be at the fair working the food stand. If you really need something come to the fair ground and find us at the food stand right behind the Community Building.

We will be back to regular hours on Monday, July 16th.

librarian on June 27th, 2014

It’s the end of June and what have we been up to at the library?

There has been “seed Spitting, a digital scavenger hunt, we made rain sticks, Father’s day card, catapults and planters too.

maryspit max spit rainstickleon rainstickgabs

catapultrichie catapultsarah planters planters2

Then we raced Rocket Balloons and bouncy balls, made “Temporary” lava lamps and had food from our trip the Oz Museum.

bouncyball Rocket #2 Rocket#1 Ozfood

Next we made Pan Pipes from straws, celebrated National Chocolate Pudding Day and made mini pies

pan pies#1 Pan pipes #2 chocpud#1 chocpud#2 chocpud#3 Pies


librarian on May 28th, 2014

The 2014 Richmond Public Library Summer Reading program is set to start on Wednesday, June 4th at 3:00. There will be 3 program again this year, kids, teens and adults. Below you will find a list of events for each program.

Fizz, Boom, Read [5th grade & under]
Seed Spitting & Sign-Up – Wednesday, June 4 @ 3:00

Rain Sticks -Wednesday, June 11 @ 3:00

Balloon Rocket & Rubber Ball craft-Wednesday, June 18 @ 3:00

Pan Pipe Straws & Chicken Sounds from a cup- Wednesday, June 25 @ 3:00

NATIONAL CHOCOLATE PUDDING DAY!-Thursday, June 26th @ 3:00

Exploding Lunch Bags [2nd -5th]/ Bubble Snakes [1st & under]Wednesday, July 2nd @ 3:00

Starch Slime- Wednesday, July 9th @ 3:00

Experiment day- Wednesday, July 16th @ 3:00

Henna Tattoos- Wednesday, July 23rd @ 3:00 [need signed permission slips BEFORE you get Tattoo]

NATIONAL MILK CHOCOLATE DAY!-Monday, July 28th @ 3:00

NATIONAL ROOT BEER FLOAT DAY!-Wednesday, August 6@ 3:00

End of Summer Reading Treasure Hunt – Wednesday, August 13 @ 3:00

The grade you were in this year is the grade we count

Spark a Reaction! [6th - 12th grade]

Find the Light Bulb Scavenger Hunt- Thursday, June 5th 2:00 pick up your picture packets. Team with most light bulbs wins! You MUST have a Team to participate!

Catapults- Thursday, June 12th @ 3:00

Temporary Lava Lamp- Thursday, June 19th @ 3:00

CHOCOLATE PUDDING DAY- Thursday, June 26th @ 3:00

Pop Rocks vs. Mentos- Thursday, July 3rd @ 3:00

Pop Tab & Paper Bracelets- Thursday, June 17th @ 3:00

Henna Tattoos- Thursday, July 24th @ 3:00

NATIONAL MILK CHOCOALTE DAY, Monday, July 28th @ 3:00

Baby Jar Candles- Thursday, July 31st @ 3:00

@ 3:00

Tie Dye [bring your own shirt] –Thursday, August 7th @ 3:00

End of Summer Reading- Wednesday, August 13th @ 3:00

Literary Elements [Adults]

Find the “Light Bulb” Scavenger Hunt- Thursday, June 5th 2:00 pick up your packets, and Summer Reading Sign-up

Vertical Hanging Planters- Friday, June 13 @ 1:00

Oz Museum Foods – Friday, June 20th @ 1:00


Making Mini Pies [for you & the fair stand]- Friday, June 27th @ 1:00

Mini Maker Day- Friday, July 18th @ 1:00

Bath Bombs- Friday, July 25th @ 1:00

NATIONAL MILK CHOCOLATE DAY- Monday, July 28th @ 2:00

Edible Books- Friday, August 1st @ 1:00

NATIONAL ROOT BEER FLOAT DAY- Wednesday, August 6th @ 2:00

Gourd Bird Houses- Friday, August 8th @ 1:00

End of Summer Reading- Wednesday, August 13th @ 1:00



librarian on May 21st, 2014

May is a busy month for most. Mother’s Day, Graduations and Memorial Day weekend and L. Frank Baum’s birthday [he wrote The Wizard of Oz]. Even with the busy schedules the library did manage to plan a few events this May.

First up was Mother’s Day,the story time kids made Mother’s Day baskets from paper plates and fake flowers and on Friday May 9th the library had crafts for the kids to make their mother’s and grandmothers.

Mother's Day -alicen Mother's Day-drake

Next up L. Frank Baum’s birthday and 2014 is the 75th anniversary of the movie, so you know the library had to do something.

The story time kids were read two Wizard of Oz books and then made “Over the Rainbow” windsocks out of small milk jugs and ribbon.

overthe rainbow windsocks

The kids were invited to the library on May 15th to make “Tornado’s in jar” and “Broom Stick” dessert.

tornado-justice Tornado-drakerichie tornado-alicen broomstick-chloeashley

The Adults who were up for checked out the “Cooking in Oz” cookbook and make a recipe form the book and bring it to share with others on Friday, May 16th.

Ozfoods Ozfood-donnamaggie Ozfoods-barblestergoldie

The Adults also took a Library “Field Trip” to Wamego to visit the Oz Museum and Toto’s Taco’s for lunch on Tuesday, May 20th.

Oz OZmusuem#1 OZmuseum#2 Ozmuseum#4 Toto Toto's Tacos

They also went to the Dutch Wind Mill and Prairie Town Museum in Wamego and then off to Alma to the cheese factory.  The group had a wonderful time!

windmill prairie musem jail prairiemuseum#2 prairiemuseum#3 prairiemuseum#4

The Modern Woodmen of America Tiny Tots club also planted the library flower boxes for us again this year. The little kids do a great job and it make the front of the library look so pretty. Many thanks to them.

DSCN0455 DSCN0461 DSCN0515

librarian on May 14th, 2014

May 2014 has Mother’s Day on May 11th and L. Frank Baum birthday on May 15th [he wrote the Wizard of Oz] and 2014 is the 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz movies, so the library will be celebrating both events. Watch for signs and facebooks post.