librarian on April 18th, 2014

Easter is late this year. April 20th, so what did the library do for Easter?

First there was and Easter craft day for the adults on Friday, April11. They made Easter Bunny bags.

DSCN0304  DSCN0305   DSCN0303


Second the story time kids had their own Easter hunt on Wednesday, April 16th

DSCN0321   DSCN0326   DSCN0327

And last there was and Easter craft day for the kids on Friday, April 18th. The kids colored masks and puzzles or made little card stock baskets

DSCN0375   DSCN0371  DSCN0373

DSCN0368  DSCN0362  DSCN0359

librarian on April 16th, 2014

The Library holds and Open House every April in honor of National Library Week. This year’s open house was Tuesday, April 15.  We like for people to come and see what’s new or changed from year to year. This year we have 2 new computers and the sidewalk was fixed. We were hoping to have a book drop but it did not get done. The book drop is a work in progress and  we hope to have it done before summer.

DSCN0314   DSCN0317   DSCN0321

librarian on March 20th, 2014

Spring break 2014  what did you do? The library has St. Patrick’s day crafts, chocolate & cake pops and Gummies and peeps, oh and of course the attack of the Green Mustache’s!

Monday on St. Patrick’s Day the kids colored a Leprechaun picture and decorated a shamrock and for some reason everyone grew a Green Mustache.

Zach mustache Ava mustache Richie mustache Nora mustache

Wednesday, March 19th the kids got to dip cake pops into chocolate. How can you go wrong with that??

cake pops #1 Cake pops #3

Thursday we made Peeps and Gummy worms, lips and bears. Once again how can you go wrong with this? The kids love this stuff.

gummy#1 gummy#6 gummy#3

What a Spring Break! But we hope the kids had fun!


librarian on February 20th, 2014

The library held it’s annual Chocolate Day on Thursday, February 13th. Adults and Kids were invited to the library to make chocolate suckers, chocolate hearts and so on.

Choc4 choc1

This year we had four kinds of chocolate and some chocolate cheese ball. There was butterscotch, watermelon, raspberry and vanilla chocolate, and for just a little while there was root beer flavored chocolate [request by the kids] Everyone really enjoys our annual chocolate day! Chocolate is good for ALL ages!

 choc3   choc2

librarian on January 27th, 2014

Monthly meeting of the Richmond Public Library Board of Trustees 6:30 PM

librarian on January 27th, 2014

The will are at least two events planned in February for the library.

Up first?

In honor of Valentine’s Day the library will be having it’s annual “Chocolate Day”. There will be cake pops to dip, chocolate suckers to make, maybe some pretzels and marshmallows too. There will be two, three, maybe four kinds of chocolate to use. A “Sweet” time for all. Adults can participate at 1:00 and kids after school at 4:00 on Thursday, February 13th . Come make something sweet for your sweetie!


The Kansas Reads program goes from January 15 till March 20. This years book is Bleeding Kansas by Sara Paretsky.We thought it might be nice to have a book discussion about half way through. So on Friday, February 21 at 1:00 that is what we will be doing. If you have read the book, come tell us what you thought. If you haven’t read it yet come and listen and see what other think about it.

librarian on January 24th, 2014

This year there are quite a few books being made into movies. Maybe you want to read the book before the movie comes out or maybe you want to read it after the movie comes out, either way go to your local library and see if they have the books. If not they and interlibrary loan them for you.

Vampire Academy Divergent Fallen Fifty Shades Gone Girl horns-us Maze Runner Mocking Jay [part 1] The Fault in our stars

if i stay book thief

This is a list of just some of the books being turned into movies this year. Come check them out at the Library!

librarian on January 2nd, 2014

December 18th was the last craft day of 2013. We had a Christmas craft day, the kids made bears, reindeer thumbprint ornaments and fingerprint snowman ornaments.

bears#2 bears

librarian on November 18th, 2013

National Game Day @ your Library turned into International Game Day last year. This year there were 73 libraries registered outside of the US in 27 different countries, with the better part of a thousand libraries joining in this years event.

gameday#1 gameday#4

Yes, Richmond was one of those thousand libraries participating. Game day brings in patrons of all ages who actually play together. The games we have received have been ones none of us have played before, so it’s a learning experience for all of us. All ages seem to get along when you put a game on the table and give them the rules then let them play. There may be some friendly sparring, but that’s alright, but for the most part everyone seems to enjoy the games and being in the same room with each other. We can’t wait to see what games they will send us next year!

gameday#6 gameday#5 gameday#2

librarian on November 14th, 2013

The 75th Anniversary  Open House was a success! The was cake and balloons and guest. We had three past directors show up for the event!

annivesary Grace annivsary exdirectors

We had some great visitors to the Open House, gave away a free pen and 75 year sticker to everyone. We also had a drawing for 3 library shirts and two books. Any ex-director who came also received a free coffee mug.

annivsarey 6 annivesary sign in annivesary table

The library employees have worked for most of this year updating the history of the library. This effort turned into two binders of information, which were on display for anyone to look at. There were also some older photo albums put out. The guest really seemed to enjoy looking through the library past!

Annivsary Guests annivsary Guest 2 annivsary guest 5

annivssary guest 3 annivssary guest kids annvsarry 7 annivsary JR