librarian on October 6th, 2016

Just a reminder: The library has Halloween masks that can be checked out.

All you need is a library card.

camo-clown horn-dude







Masks check out in a plastic bag with the name of the mask and a bar code.

Please make sure you return the mask in the plastic bag it was checked out in.

white-gorilla wolfman





librarian on September 21st, 2016

The Richmond Public Library is planning some renovations. We are putting new carpet and paneling in the east room of the library. Thanks to a generous donation and a grant the library now has the money to make these needed changes.

The east room of the library has flooded many times and the carpet need to be replaced. The old plaster walls need to be covered since some of them are cracked. To have the carpet replaced all the shelves need to be removed, so it’s the perfect time to finish the paneling that was started a couple years ago.

Due to the renovations the library will be closed from Saturday, October 15th through Saturday, October 22nd. If you need to return library materials during this time please put them in the grey box inside Beachner Grain.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience this will cause and hope to see everyone back the week of October 24th.

Please do not try to come into the library if you see cars there, people will be in there working.

librarian on September 2nd, 2016

The Library Friday Foods group decided in August to keep the club going the rest of the year. So every Friday at noon we meet with new foods and fun conversation. This is a program for the adults, so any adult who wants to come and join us is more than welcome. The foods of the week and month are posted on the front desk. We’ve had some pretty good food so far.

foods1 foods 2 foods3 foods4













For the Labor Day holiday the library will be CLOSED, Saturday and Monday, September 3rd &5th.

Story time will start back up on Wednesday, September 7th at 10:30 AM.

Monday, september19th is National Butterscotch Day so the library will be handing out FREE butterscotch pudding from 3:00 – 5:00 PM

librarian on August 4th, 2016

July 20th was National Lollipop day. We had lollipops and cake pops to celebrate.

cake pop#1 cake pop#2 cake pop #3







The older kids made magnetic slime on July 22nd. They had a blast!

slime#1 slime#2 slime#3







July 22nd was also a Friday Foods day. We had some yummy food!

fridayfoods#1 fridayfoods#2







July 27th we made Olympic Torch’s since the Olmpics starts in August.

torch#1 torch@2








August 3rd was the End of Summer Reading party for the kids. Grampa Pokey was there to make balloon art for the kids.

pokey#1 pokey#2 pokey#3 pokey#4














Congratulations for all our reading winners:

1st place:

Adult- Margaret Moore

Teen- Sean Weber

5th -3rd grade- Drake Weber

Reading with help: Brennen Geiler

Listeners: Leon Weber






librarian on July 21st, 2016

Week six of the Summer was 4th of July and the fair so we were only open one day. But we did have a float in the parade.

The library got second place!

floathelpers4 floathelpers3 float2016









The seventh week of summer reading the kids made basketball boxes on July 13th. Friday.

basketballbox basketballbox3 basketballbox2








July 15th was GIANT game day. The kids played giant checkers, giant memory game and giant Jenga. The adults did have Friday Foods also on the15th

checkers memory Jenga1 jenga2









The kids really enjoyed Giant Jenga!

Still to come? Olympic Tea Lights July 27th. End of Summer Reading party August 3rd, Grandpa Pokey the Clown will be there!

librarian on July 8th, 2016

We are now halfway through the 2016 Summer Reading program. What did we do in week 5?

Thursday, June 30th was Ice Cream Soda Day. Everyone who wanted on got a FREE [small] Ice Cream Soda.


icecreamsodas icecreamsodas2







Friday, July 1st was Minecraft day for the teens. The made papercraft minecraft figures.


minecraft minecraft2 minecraft3







Friday, July 1st was also, of course.Friday Foods day.


fridayfodd5 fridayfoods5







Reminder: The library is CLOSED July 2nd & 4th for the Holiday weekend.

Also the Library is CLOSED July 7th, 8th & 9th for the Richmond Fair

librarian on June 29th, 2016

There’s a new food group at the library, we call it “Friday Foods’.






Every Friday at noon we meet [unless unforeseen things happen], bring food and enjoy good conversation.
Each month has food designated for said month. There is also designated food for certain dates. So the club members can make something that includes the ingredient of the day or one or more ingredients of the month.







Each member brings some kind of food or drink item that matches the month or date, then we enjoy a wonderful lunch!
Any “Adult” who wishes to join us is more than welcome.








We have had some wonderful food so far, come and join us!

librarian on June 29th, 2016

Week four [4] and what have we been up to?

Wednesday, June 22nd saw the kids making Olympic shooters. We made straw shooters and tried to shoot through rings.

shooter#1 shooter#2 shooter#3







Thursday, June 23rd the adults did stained glassware.

glassware#1 glassware#2 glassware#3







Friday, June 24th was the regular meeting of the “Friday Foods’ group

ffoods#1 ffoods#2 ffoods#3







Up Next?

Ice Cream Soda Day June 30th at 2:00, come get a small “free” ice Cream Soda

The library will be CLOSED July 2nd & 4th for the Holiday and July 7th, 8th & 9th for the Richmond Fair.

librarian on June 17th, 2016

Summer Reading 2016 is under way, we hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Week three brought us Pool Noodle Shooters, Friday Foods and Scavenger Hunt kids party.

First up was Pool Noodle Shooters on Wednesday, June 15th. The kids really liked this one.

poolnoodleshooters1 poolnoodleshooters2 poolnoodleshooters#3








Next up? Friday Foods [our new food program] on Friday, June 17th

fridayfoods fridayfoods2







Last up? The Scavenger Hunt kids got to have a party for participating. The winning team got to choose the food.

scavengerhunt kids







Next week we have Olympic Shooters on Wednesday, June 22nd for the younger kids. Stained Glassware on Thursday, June 23rd for the adults. Paracord bracelets on Friday, June 24th for the teens. And of course Friday Foods also on June 24th for the adults.

librarian on June 10th, 2016

It’s the second week of summer reading, what did we do?

First up was the younger kids with the Toilet Paper Tube Race Cars on Wednesday, June 8th.

TP cars TP race cars







Second was the Adults making recycled pop bottle bird feeders on Thursday, June 9th.

pop bottle bird feeders pop bottle feeders







Next? On Fridays the adults have Food Fridays, where we make food of the month or day. Each person gets a list of the month and day foods for that month.

foodfridays friday foods







Last was the Teens with Catapult paper air planes on Friday, June 10th

paper planes planes







The kids looked up designs on the computer then made their planes.

Next Week. June 15th Pool Noodle Launchers, party for the scavenger hunt kids on June 17th also don’t forget Friday Foods!