Richmond Public Library

107 E. Central / P.O. Box 237

Richmond, KS 66080

phone/fax- 785-835-6163

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The library is located on Central Avenue which is the business district in Richmond. The library is located between Beachner Grain and Richmond City Hall.

The library has been in it’s current building since1969, which is also the year the library joined the Northeast Kansas Library System [NEKLS]

What does this library have?

We have Children’s books, Junior fiction and non-fiction books, Young Adult [teen] books, Adult fiction and non-fiction books as well as large print books. The library has a small collection of Audio books as well. We have an older music CD’s collection too.  The library has  a growing collection of DVD movies and DVD TV shows,  we also have a small Blu-Ray movie collection, as well as a small video game collection.


We have a fax and copy machine that the public is allowed to use [with help from the librarian, fax’s are $1.00 a fax. We also have printing available at $0.25 a copy only in black and white. There are 6 patron desktop computers and one laptop that are internet accessible, we have wireless internet. We also have a water fountain for those hot summer days. Central heat & air. The library also holds craft days for every age, just watch for signs at the library or like us on facebook, to find out when we are having special events.  What more could you ask for?

4 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Mike White says:

    Hi, I grew up in Richmond a long time ago. Bob Cooper was my uncle and most people probably knew him. I collect cook books. I would like help in finding any Richmond community fund raiser type cook books that I could buy or copy. Ones from the 50s or 60s would be ideal since I would likely know most of the contributors. I sent you a note also. Please help me if you can. Thanks; Mike White

  2. librarian says:

    I received your letter. The only cookbooks I know of are the ones Central Heights put out years ago and the two the library did, but neither are as old as your are looking for. The Library does not have any extra copies of their cookbooks. We could possible make some more if the need was there. As for the school you would have to get in contact with Central Heights and ask them.

  3. Mike White says:

    TO: Connie Webber, I wrote and emailed before but no answer. Do you have or know of any ‘Community Cookbooks’ from Richmond? Best from 50s or 60s. Please let me know if you do. Thanks Mike White

  4. Mike White says:

    Thanks. Do you know if any of the cookbooks you mentioned can be purchased? Mike White