We did not know how things were going to work this summer with the way things are in the world. Covid-19 made us think of new ways to do things.

So summer reading started and yes they came and signed up! we have 22 kids, 8 tween & teens and 7 adults, I say not bad for a town of under 500 people.

So the first week the kids made unicorns and the teens guessed what the invisible movie was. This week they all made foaming dragons [the kids loved this]. For June we also have a “Minion” hunt, find all the minions on Central street, and a story walk.







The teens and adults are doing Cemetery Poker. Everyone is participating in the story walk and the Minion hunt. Summer Reading seems to be going really well!

Up next? The kids will make Paper bag monster, the teen/tweens will make DIY snap bracelets and the adults will make fairies.