July 2019 brought us a few events at the library.

July 3rd we all made “4th of July” crackers in honor of Independence day, since we were closed on July 4th. Kids had fun with this craft. toilet paper tubes with poppers in them wrapped in tissue paper.

Up next the adult painted gourds. Some were bird house some were not, but all painted up really nice.

The kids made DIY Glitter jars on July 10th, they really liked these. Jars with space themed items in them filled with water and glitter, some times lots, and lots of glitter!, but oh well they had fun!

We closed July 11th, 12th and 13th for the Richmond Fair.

Monday, July 15th was National Gummy Worm Day, so…. We made Gummy worms, and took a quiz [of course].

July 17th & 18th the kids made mini light sabers. Another craft they really enjoyed.

July 20th was the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing, so in Friday, July 19th we ha a “Moon Landing” party with “Moon” inspired foods, and a moon landing quiz and paper rockets to blow in the air.

July 24th the kids made “Pool Noodle Aliens” yet another fun craft. These guys for fun and cute. The kids really enjoyed them.

On July 25th the teens did a “Break-Out” event. we give them different boxes with different kinds of locks. The have to read the clues and figure out how to open each lock to get whats inside.

July 26th was National Bagelfest Day, so of course we had bagels and a quiz. What’s a food day with out a quiz?

July 31st was the last craft for the kids, they made milk jug space helmets.

We are spacemen

On Thursday August 1st the Teens played with the Water stomp rockets again.

Friday August 2nd the adults made “moon lights” this was thier last craft for the summer.

The moon lights we made

Wednesday, August 7th was the end of Summer Reading 2019. We handed out prizes to all those who read at least 5 books this summer.

We also gave away aliens to our “Find all the aliens in the library” hunt. Leon Weber and Ashley Harkins were our winners. The we had ice cream sundaes to celebrate the end of a great summer.

This years top readers for each category were as followers.

Listeners: 1st- Jade Coy, 2nd- Hunter Purdham, 3rd Lydia Purdham, 4th Lliam Roberts.

Reading with help: 1st- Kamryn Reeder, 2nd- Leon Weber, 3rd- Weslon Rowland, 4th Elijah Rowland.

Readers: 1st- Kaiden Reeder, 2nd- Joey Wright, 3rd- Gavin Weber, 4th Zachary Geiler.

Pre-Teen & Teen: 1st- Damien Geiler, 2nd Brennen Geiler, 3d- Drake Weber, 4th Ashley Harkins.

Adults: 1st- Dorothy Welch, 2nd- Maggie Moore, 3rd- Laura Deters, 4th Keri Meyer.

Congratulations to all our readers!