May is over, what did we do at the library? Cinco de Mayo crafts, Mother’s Day crafts , National Chocolate Chip Day and we had a meeting about the 2020 census and Friday Food club. Plus the library had there annual Taco Dinner and raffle.

On Friday, May 3rd we celebrated Cinco de May by making mini pinata’s and sombrero cookies. The kids made the cookies and then got to eat them. Once they got all the pinatas made we put them on a string and the kids got to pull the string and get the prize inside.

Eating our Sombrero cookies

On May the 10th the kids made Mother’s Day crafts. The chose between a “Super Mom” candy bar or a Rock with a saying on it. The kids really like the rocks [which surprised me]

May 15th was National Chocolate Chip day, so we made Chocolate Chip cookie sandwiches. The kids really like making food crafts!

Eating our cookie sandwiches

May the 16th we had a representative for the 2020 Census come and give a talk about census jobs. She explained that there will be jobs opening in our area and if anyone was interested they needed to apply online.

They will pay weekly for the hours up to so many hours and will also pay mileage. Anyone interested in apply can do so online at

up next?

Summer Reading starts on Wednesday, June 5th at 2:00 PM. The library will have copies of the summer reading schedule available upon request.