Richmond Minions club

What were we up to in January other than those really cold days?

The Richmond Minions Friday Food club is still going strong. They meet almost every Friday at noon. Everyone brings a pot luck dish to go with the current theme. Anyone who wants to join just has to show up with food.

January 20th was Penguin Awareness Day, so on the 18th [since we are closed on Sundays] we made a penguin craft in honor of the day.  The kids wrote on their penguins what they would do if they were a penguin.

Kansas birthday is also in January, so we celebrated two different way. First the adults has local artist Mary Hall come and show the adults how to paint sunflowers on January 25th.

The kids celebrated “Kansas Day” with a Kansas quiz and Kansas snacks. They had edible cow patties and haystacks.We always have the teens read the quiz for the kids and then tabulate their answers.

Up next at the library?

Valentine’s Day crafts and President’s Day snacks

Reminder: The Library will be Closed February 18th for President’s Day

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