Here is a list of what we will be doing in the library in the next couple of months.

Wednesday, March 2nd [Dr. Seuss Birthday] the kids will celebrate Dr. Seuss by making Horton flower cake pops. The story time kids in the morning and the school kids after school around 4:00 PM.

Spring break for Central Heights is the week of March 13th, so we have planned at least a couple things for the kids to do.

Wednesday, March 16th around 3:00 PM the kids will be making a pop-up craft, Thursday, March 17th we will be making St. Patrick’s Day crafts. If I can find anything else there will also be a craft on Friday.

Tuesday, April 5th will be the library annual {Open House} The library will be open house from 12:– 2:00 PM. Local Businesses will be sent invitations to come and see anything new we have done at the library. Everyone is invited to come in and have a snack and look around to see what we have been up to lately.

April 14th after school there will be an Easter craft to the kids.

Our adult food/craft club meets on Fridays at noon. It is my hope that the Bread class club will be able to meet again in April