With Covid-19 still going rampant the library has been visiting their Covid-19 rules monthly. The board and director check to see how Franklin county is doing and the country at large. Then debate what needs to stay the same and what can be changed.

Please keep in mind that we are just trying to keep everyone safe and healthy

That being said here are the new rules as of January 14, 2021

NEW COVID-19 RULES for the Library
Effective – January 14, 2021 [We will revisit these rules at our regular board meeting on February 11th]
FACE MASK- required when inside the library during operating hours [Librarian can be behind a shield on not wear a mask] [If you do not have one, we will provide you with one]
NO MORE THAN 3- Patrons allowed in library at a time
HAND SANITIZER- Must be used when you enter the library
NO BROWSING SHELVES- Put items on hold or you can call or come in and tell us what you want. May browse with the librarian.
SOCIAL DISTANCE: Please move away or out of the library when someone else comes in
COMPUTERS: 1 computer open for use, must call to reserve to use
CLOSED- On Saturdays


Many Thanks for your support in these trying times!