Summer Reading 2020

Summer Reading 2020 is over. Covid-19 is still here and some of the kids are not going to be in school this year. Wow what a summer, the virus was suppose to slow down and did not, kids are still staying home, parents are deciding NOT to send their kids to school this year. The courier didn’t run, then it did. All items returned had to be quarantined for 3 days, then 4 days, hopefully nothing new comes down and makes it longer.

Among all that we ran a different summer reading program. No In-Library programs this year. Kids or parents picked up their crafts each week and took them home to make them.

But they did come. They did sign up for summer reading and they did read and do crafts, parent sent pictures to the library so we could post them on our Facebook page.

Here are the numbers for this years program:

12- kids 5 & under signed up. this group had 19 programs this summer.

20- kids 6-10 signed up. This group has 18 programs this summer.

8- kids 12- 18 signed up. This group had 17 programs this summer.

9- adults signed up. This group has 19 programs this summer.

We made dragons, swords, unicorns, fairies, frog masks, candles, pet rocks, slime, lip gloss, bath salts, aliens candy dots, gnomes, mini weapons of mass destruction and Ice cream in a bag. We guessed invisible movies and what the picture was on Facebook. We did 2 story walks and a minion hunt and a duck hunt. We were busy this summer!

Congratulations to our top readers:

5 & under:

Derrki Webb, Lydia Purdham, Hunter Purdham and Ryker Snow

6- 10 year olds:

Elijah Rowland, Leon Weber, Kamryn Reeder, and Weslon Rowland

11- 18 year olds:

Kiaden Reeder, Chloe La Duke, Drake Weber and Damien Geiler


Dorothy Welch, Margaret Moore and Keri Meyer

Thanks for showing up weekly during this strange time!


2020 spring/Summer Raffle

We we finally had our raffle. We sold ticket for about a month and then has the board members who were physically present draw the names of our winners. We did a Facebook Live event to announce the winners!

Manny many thanks to all who bought tickets to support the library. We were worried with all the Covid-19 stuff going on how we were going to do fundraisers this year. Just saying this worked.  People still bought tickets and we made some money so YEAH! Here is a list of the winners!

Here are the basket winners.
Kids Basket – Mike King
Popcornopolis bag- Eli Rowland
Redneck Piknik basket- Donna Thompson
S’mores basket- Josh Wight
Wine basket- Lisa [Penka Auto Repair]
Pandemic Go Bags- Brooke Diaz
Chocolate Basket- Maggie Meyer
Jell-o Shots basket- Connie Beckwith
Garden Basket- Christine Wittman
Gardening Basket Tracie [Richmond Post Office]
Tupperware Bag- Dorothy Welch
Chiefs cup- Josh Wight
Congratulations to all the winners!


June 2020 Summer Reading

We have finished the first month of this strange summer reading program. All seems to be going well this year, even though we were not sure what to expect.

We have 33 kids, 8 teen and 9 adults sign up.






So far we have made Unicorns, foaming dragons, paper bag monsters, cardboard swords.

The Tweens and teens have done 4 invisible movies, foaming dragons and designed snap bracelets.

The adults have made fairies and only managed to have lunch one time. This social distancing is hard sometimes.

The older kids and adults are also doing Cemetery Poker.

Everyone is doing the Story walk and the Minion hunt.






Coming in July?

Frog masks, bees wax candles, fire breathing dragons, DIY paddle boats, pet rocks, slime/ lip gloss, village, mini weapons of mass destruction, crowns, aliens and candy dots. Also a new story walk and a ducky hunt.…

Summer Reading 2020

We did not know how things were going to work this summer with the way things are in the world. Covid-19 made us think of new ways to do things.

So summer reading started and yes they came and signed up! we have 22 kids, 8 tween & teens and 7 adults, I say not bad for a town of under 500 people.

So the first week the kids made unicorns and the teens guessed what the invisible movie was. This week they all made foaming dragons [the kids loved this]. For June we also have a “Minion” hunt, find all the minions on Central street, and a story walk.







The teens and adults are doing Cemetery Poker. Everyone is participating in the story walk and the Minion hunt. Summer Reading seems to be going really well!

Up next? The kids will make Paper bag monster, the teen/tweens will make DIY snap bracelets and the adults will make fairies.…

Phase 3- Reopening the Library

Phase 3- Library Open Regular Hours [with some restrictions] June 15th

Library now open regular hours. Still practice social distancing
Hand Sanitizer must be used when you enter the library
2 computers now open [still only 30 minutes]
No more than 5 people allowed in the library at a time
Interlibrary Loan now available
NO In-Library programing
NO Public Restroom
Browsing shelves now allowed
Kids under 12 allowed with a parent or guardian [18 or older]

Daily Actions:
Employees should wash hands regularly and /or use hand sanitizer.
Public areas should be cleaned several times a day with sanitizing wipes and sanitizing spray
Keyboards and computer mouse will be covered. Covering will be replaced after each use.
Circulation Desk still surrounded by plastic curtains…