Dear Friends:
November 29th is National Giving Day
At the Richmond Public Library, we don’t library like we used to.
Yes, our library still promotes reading for all ages. However, we are more than a place
to find books. We have DVD’s, Halloween masks, 6 public computers, story time for the little’s, crafts for all ages.
Our library is vibrant and sometimes a little loud. Most days you hear the giggles
of happy children, the copier buzzing, passionate library staff welcoming you inside.
We are here to help you and everyone in our community. In return, a couple of times of
year, we ask you to consider helping us. Please consider donating to the library
today [November 29, 2022]. With gifts from generous people like you, we can continue to expand our
services, offer free public programs, and fund new ideas – ensuring the long-term
vitality of our library.
Please join us by making your gift online via the Northeast Kansas Library System at or mail your check to 206 S. Broadway. We thank you in
advance for your support of our library and our community.
Happy Holidays!