Coronavirus and the Library.

It’s almost June, what has this virus done for us. The library is open again [limited hours, but open]. We were closed for part of March, all or April and part of May.  We miss seeing all our patron. We can only have 3 patrons in at a time. Hopefully a few more in June.

Summer Reading will happen, but will be very different this year. Will be making a post on this later.

We didn’t get to have our Taco dinner fundraiser.

We didn’t get to have our annual “Open House”

Haven’t seen the library kids in ages. Some adult have been coming in since we opened.

No computers for now, limited to possible 2 in June.

No Concession stand at the fair [another fundraiser we can’t have]

No Game Tent at the Fair [another fundraiser we can’t have]

We are going ahead with our Raffle, but no Dinner to announce the winner. We will sell tickets at the library [social distancing still in play], You can come in and look at the baskets only 2 at a time], we will have them lined up on the tables in the west room. Board members will still sell tickets , but probably not like before since we can’t go to all the places we use to.

This raffle is one of our big money makers, it is usually paired with the Taco dinner. Instead we will set a date, probably in July to announce the winners. We will Draw names, tape them to the baskets, then post the winners on Facebook and call them to set up a time to pick up.

Social Distancing will be in play for quite a while. The library is small so we will probably not be able to have more than 3-5 in this building at a time for a while. Please be patient with us, we are doing the best we can.

Here are the 2020 Spring Raffle Basket



Chiefs basket, Garden Basket, Gardening Basket



Jell-O Shots basket, Kids basket, Pandemic Go Bags



Popcornopolis bag, Redneck Piknik basket, S’mores basket




Wine basket and Chocolate basket  Tupperware bag







Still in Phase one[1]

Sorry to announce the library will NOT be going to phase 2 on Monday. We will be staying in phase 1 for now. Keep going the way we are and do the best we can.
Remember we are open just limited hours and only 3 people allowed in at a time. Still not allowed to browse the shelves. Either put a hold on an item or come in an ask the librarian to get it for you [if you know what you want].
We are doing the best we can, please bear with us in the unprecedented time.

Phase 1- Reopening the Library

May 4th- May 15th- Temporary Hours:
12:00- 3:00 PM Library will be open to pubic
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Temporary Library Rules
No more than [3] Three patrons allowed in the library at a time.
Hand sanitizer must be use when you enter the library.
Local Hold Only for check outs.
Please place a hold on the items you wish to have. No browsing the shelves at this time. [come into the library if you need help placing a hold we will help you]
Patrons allowed in the library for 15 minutes at a time
If you need help please call the librarians will be here during the Regular library hours [except for Saturdays]
NO computers at this time.
No children under 12 allowed without a parent or guardian

Library Re-Opening

It looks like the Kansas Stay-at-Home order will expire at Midnight May 3rd. That means the library can be open on May 4th!
Things will not be the same when we open. There will be new hours [for the time being] new rules. Social Distancing is still in play.
We are working on the plan for opening the library with these new rules and will post them as soon as we have them finalized. Please be patient with us through these uncharted waters.
Please remember we miss you as much as you miss the library!…

National Library Week 2020

It’s National Library Week. But we cannot celebrate at this time. Due to covid-19 [coonavirus] the library is closed.We hope to be open soon.




The library will plan an “open House” to welcome everyone back to the library as soon as we are able.

This week is National Library week. Tuesday is National Library Workers day, Thursday is National Library Giving day.




Richmond Public Library is part of a coalition of libraries joining forces to raise funds through a Library GivingDay campaign. This one-day online fundraising event will occur on Thursday, April 23rd and will encourage patrons and library lovers to support their library. This campaign reminds us that libraries serve as a cornerstone for our communities. In addition to well-loved books, many libraries offer innovative programs that promote lifelong learning, connect patrons to technology, and advance knowledge. ?Join The Richmond Public Library during Library Giving Day! This one-day online fundraising event will occur on Thursday, April 23 and we encourage patrons and library lovers to make a gift in support of your library anytime now through April 23rd by visiting us at  and click the librarygivingday link…