Most people have heard about the 2017 Eclipse coming on August 21st. The library will be having an “Eclipse” watch party.  Richmond will only see a partial Eclipse but  we can still enjoy it. The library will have Free Eclipse glasses available.

The plan is the have an Eclipse lunch. Everyone should bring something  that they think will fit the theme [moon pie, sun chip, milky way bars] you get the idea.

For us it should start around 11:40 AM with the peak time being 1:08, when the moon will  obscure 97.5% of the sun.  We plan to meet at the library around 11:30.

Bring some food and come and join!







Idea’s for Eclipse food?  We got those too!

Moon Pies, Sun Chips, Milky Way candy bars, Sunkist, Sunny Delight, Sun Maid Raisins, Sunflower Seeds, Eclipse gum, Starburst, Goldfish Space Adventures, Rocket Hot dogs [hots dogs wrapped in crescent roll, on a stick],  Space Balls [balls of fruit], Crescent  Moon Chicken Salad [chicken salad on a crescent roll].

I am sure there are more ideas out there, come and join us on August 21st and show us what food you came up with.


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